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Hourly Cleaning :
$85 an hour (3 hour estimate)

Hourly cleanings are for clients who have special requests or who have homes over 3500 sq. ft. You can give us your customized cleaning list at checkout under the "comment section" or use the list below.

We have 3 hrs as a starting estimate. If your home takes less than 3 hrs, we will only charge you for time spent.

Do you want us to clean until the cleaning is complete even if it exceeds your estimate?
(yes or no)

Would you like to receive a phone call if the cleaning time exceeds your estimate? (yes or no)

Do you want us to clean from our list at the right or will you supply your own? (morehands list or my list)

Choose date and desired time.
(This is only your best estimate, we will charge for actual time spent cleaning.)

Hours (3hrs est.)
What Date?

Choose # of beds and baths.
(1/2 baths count as one full bath).
(Office or study count as one bedroom)


Do you want us to use Seventh Generation "green" cleaning solutions?

Square Footage:
small house = approx. 1,200; medium = approx. 2,000; large = approx. 3,000


Our cleaning normally includes items below:

All Rooms
• Dust & polish all furniture
   & all misc. items
• Dust windowsills & ceiling fans
• Remove trash
• Vacuum carpets
• Sweep & mop floors

• Scrub & sanitize sinks
   & countertops
• Place dishes in the
   dishwasher (if empty)
• Clean surfaces &
   outside of appliances
• Clean inside of microwave

• Scrub & disinfect
   toilets, tubs & showers
• Scrub and disinfect
   sinks & counters
• Clean mirrors & polish

• Make all beds
• Change linens if left on
   the bed for us

"Deep-clean" services available:
• Refrigerator & freezer
• Mini-blinds & shutters
• Oven
• Baseboards